renovation project

We visited numerous homes throughout the villages and honestly thought we'd seen the worst of poverty. But, it wasn't until we stepped into Jasvir's home that we witnessed it up-close. It was unlike any other home. There was no bathroom, toilet, sink, electricity or running water. The front door of the home was barely intact and the brick walls were starting to fall apart. There were two small rooms in the hosue. One was used for storing goods and served as the kitchen. Jasvir, her brothers and grandmother shared the other room, which had two manji's (barely the size of a twin size bed) to sleep on.

We were in the middle of production and our resources were limited from manpower, time and finances. However, the dilapidated condition of Jasvir's home was too sever to overlook. Sach Productions decided to undertake the renovation project to improve the living conditions for Jasvir's family and provide them with at least the basic necessities that a home should have to be functional.

A new bathroom and kitchen was built. The old brick wall was replaced. The family will no longer have to live in the dark or worry about not having water. The home now has electricity and running water!

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