Jasvir, Manpreet, Sher and Salma, all have a personal dream, but each share a common tragedy, which has left their families in the dire situation that they live in today.

These children are the result of a failed system, which refuses to recognize the worth and the hard work, which their parents put into feeding the entire country of over 1.2 billion people. These are the rural children of Panjab, a State, which at one time was considered the breadbasket of India but today, these very children of farmers whose parents have committed suicide, sleep hungry night after night.

Our research took us from village to village and we talked to a number of children. Therefore, our story is not limited to Jasvir, Manpreet, Sher and Salma. While their lives shed light on the issue, it's important to understand that they represent all the children that we spoke to whose families have become the victims of farmer suicides and now struggle for a better future. Dharminder, Jagtar, Naresh & Parveen also shared their heartbreaking stories with us and joined Jasvir, Manpreet, Sher and Salma on their journey towards justice.

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