Kai Mantsch: Cinematographer

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Kai has been working in independent film, with a focus on documentary, for more than thirteen years. He has spent months on remote Texas ranch land working in high winds and 100 degree heat. He has crouched for hours overnight in cold fog waiting for penguins to emerge from hiding. He has run across muddy fields while being hosed down with pesticides, camped in desolate deserts, jumped onto moving trucks during street protests, and followed senators behind the scenes. Rain, dust, irritable child actors and drunken rambling subjects have not deterred him, nor have busy CEOs with only moments to spare.

He is credited on a long list of documentaries including Blaze Foley: Duct Tape Messiah, Slam Planet, The Dicky Box, Bill Bradley's New American Story and recent projects This is Now and A Little Revolution. Kai is currently in pre-production on "The Librarian's Mission", a film about the power of librarian ideals in a changing world, and production on "Tomlinson Hill" about a small, racially divided town in Texas trying to come together.

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