Manmeet Singh: Producer

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Manmeet Singh is the President of Sach Productions, a leading media organization. Manmeet's responsibility ranges from pre-production planning, location planning, post-production coordination and marketing. Manmeet is interested in documentary works with socio-political leanings. His first film, The Widow Colony, won several international awards and was screened at the Parliament in UK in 2009. With A Little Revolution, Manmeet worked with a diverse crew from Austin, San Antonio, Washington DC, New Delhi and Chandigarh, and managed to create a high definition feature length documentary which will not only educate the people on issues of farmers in rural India but would encourage them to engage in finding solutions.

In addition to the film work, Manmeet has over two decades of experience in Indian Classical Music and has been involved in community endeavors for over 15 years and is now pursuing projects that will influence the direction of the South Asian community in India and abroad. While Manmeet aspires to be a full-time filmmaker, he's currently working for IBM as a Program Manager.

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