Suezean Matarazzo: Cinematographer

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Suezean,has 20 years of experience in film and video. She got her start in Los Angeles working her way up from grip to camera. Later moving to Austin and co-founding the music software company Nemesys, that developed the GigaStudio product, which was used to score, Once upon a time in Mexico, the Academy award winning Gladiators score and hundreds of other films and network shows. After selling NemeSys to Tascam Japan in 2001, Suezean returned to her passion.

Suezean has a history of serving her community by sharing her love of film. Former CFO of (AFA) Austin Film Alliance, she mentors RTF students from the University of Texas, along with other interns from all walks of life. She serves on non-profit boards and volunteers her services to promote film in her community.

Suezean has a visual style that has been compared to top photographers from National Geographic. Suezean travels around the world to shoot documentaries and narrative projects. Gazing at the world through her lens, she tells stories with shadow and light.

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